• Train travellers!

    Hilary’s class went on a trip last Friday. We walked to Kildare train station and took a train to Portlaoise. The boys have been getting very interested in trains lately and we’ve been doing some work in class on the theme. They were very excited to be at the station, a little scared of one very fast train which went through the station as we waited. When our train came the driver noticed us waiting and blew the horn as he came into the station. The boys were beside themselves with glee getting onto the train and choosing seats. We were no sooner on board than lunches had to come out and everything eaten! We were very lucky that the train’s final destination was Portlaoise and the driver kindly let the boys into his cabin to look around and press some of the buttons when we got to the station. The trip back was great and Monasterevin has now got a new name… .Monster Heaven… altogether more interesting!!DSCF0342 DSCF0343 DSCF0340 DSCF0341 DSCF0334 DSCF0335 DSCF0337 DSCF0338 DSCF0332 DSCF0333 DSCF0330 DSCF0331