STEM Awards

Our school had a whole school science exhibition on Wednesday 29th March. Each class set up experiments and displays in their classrooms while other classes visited. It was great fun visiting each others class and learning from each other.


In Science & IT club, we were lucky enough to have Judith visit us and teach us about lots of different plants. We also got to plant seeds in our amazing new geodome!

We have been doing lots of coding too using our wonderful new ipads!

During Engineering Week, we were given some simple materials (including egg cartons and milk bottle caps) and we had to design a mode of transport for some lego people- there were some amazing inventions!

Science and IT Club also investigating magnets and what they are attracted to.

We were experimenting with lots of different materials. We made cool lava lamps using oil, water, food colouring and dissolvable tablets. We also investigated the properties of salt, water and ice. We had to figure out how to extinguish a candle without blowing it out!

First class investigated what would happen if raisins were put into, firstly, still water, followed by sparkling water. They loved the results of the latter!

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Junior Infants have been learning all about Space. They really enjoyed the visit from Big Bear Planetarium. Inside the dome they watched a presentation on the planets, the sun and stars. They drew pictures of planets and made cardboard rockets. They made a balloon rocket in class and had fun flying it across the room on string investigating how the release of pressure made it move.

IMG_3005 IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3016 IMG_3017 IMG_3019 IMG_3020 IMG_3021 IMG_3029


Junior Infants went on a Spring nature walk around the school grounds with a checklist of Spring things. They spotted birds, leaves, flower buds and insects. They discussed ways they could look after their school environment and came up with a list of strategies.


IMG_3070 IMG_3073

Junior Infants really enjoy using the class laptops for Maths stations. They practice the skills of counting, ordering, sorting and making patterns through games and activities on the laptops.

IMG_3069 IMG_3068 IMG_3067IMG_2952 IMG_2951

Science Club have been doing loads of investigating and experimenting! We figured out how to make a kaleidoscope using tin foil and sequins to reflect light.

Junior Infants had great fun doing experiments during Science Week. We investigated if oil and water would mix.

img_2508 img_2509

img_2512 img_2513 img_2514 img_2515 img_2516 img_2517 img_2518

Science Week

We examined dancing raisins and discovered that the raisins in the water did not move but the raisins in the fizzy drink moved up and down in the jar as if they were dancing. We learned that the carbon dioxide in the fizzy drink made the raisins and the bubbles rise to the top and when they reach the top the gas bubbles burst and the raisins sink to the bottom again.


img_2550 img_2551

Science Club were investigating what would melt faster- ice by itself or ice with salt on it? They also had to figure out how to extinguish a candle without blowing it out or blocking off the oxygen. They had a toilet roll, vinegar and baking soda…can you figure it out?? (Hint: CO2!)

At Halloween, the members of our science club made some spooky webs and pumpkins! it’s amazing how materials can change!

Science club were given a challenge- in groups, they needed to construct a tall tower that would hold up a basketball…using ONLY newspaper. We had a few success stories and it was so much fun.


Second Class love to do science experiments here we are creating lava lamps. We had to use food colouring, oil, water and a effervescent tablet. It was really great fun!

img_0069 img_0070 img_0071 img_0072 img_0073 img_0074 img_0075 img_0076 img_0078 img_0079 img_0080 img_0081 img_0083 img_0084

Science Club were investigating how materials mix in a fun experiment!


Second Class had great fun with First class completing a Maths trail during October.

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