Shane’s 1st Class Homework

Homework – 25th September 2017


Project – All About Me


Week 1

My name is (name)

I live in (address)

My family is (name of family members, for example – my dad’s name is…, my sister’s name is)

My friends are (names)


Week 2

I really love to (three things)

My favourite book is (name)

My favourite film/programme/cartoon is (name)


Each project can be hand written, typed or presented orally (filmed on phone or tablet)


If written or typed, each section should be accompanied with pictures (these can be drawn or copied and pasted on a computer)


If your child thinks of other things of interest about themselves or their family, they can add these in.


There is no need to print any project, you can simply email them to the below address.


Presentations will be given the week after projects submitted, usually three/four per morning.


Deadline is Friday 6th October 2017