Shane’s 1st Class Homework

Homework – 06th November 2017

Project – My Grandparents

Create a tribute to a grandparent/grandparents (or if you have no grandparents – a parent/parents or guardian)

Presentation can be any style (poster, booklet, video recorded on phone etc or mixture of these)


Your project must include

  • title – suggestions include The Life and Times of … My Wonderful Grandad, Super Nan, My Amazing Parents etc.
  • Images of your grandparent/parents/guardian – photos, drawings, video recording.
  • An interview with your grandparent/parents/guardian asking about –

Life as a child in school (what subjects did they learn, did they enjoy school and why?)

What food and drinks did they normally have?

What games were played when they were children? Describe one of the games.

What was life like without the internet?

Would they like to be a child in 2017, why or why not?

Children are encouraged to think of additional questions not included above.


If grandparents/parents live a distance away, they could be phoned or Skyped. For those living nearby, perhaps an afternoon could be arranged to meet and interview. The answers could be recorded on a phone as an interview or written down. It’s up to you!


Project must be submitted by Friday 17th November 2016.



Reading of reader approximately 5 minutes per evening.

E-mail is