Our New Library

New library for Kildare Town Educate Together NS


The children, parents and staff of Kildare Town are celebrating this week as their new library has been opened.  The library was the brainchild of parents in the school who thought it would be interesting to create a library using upcycled materials.


KETNS is in its 5th year and they have a new purpose built building on the Melitta Road, Kildare Town.  They were given a room for a library but no shelves or seating area.


When it came to getting quotes for shelves and seating it was proving to be very expensive.  Some of the parents met with a view to coming up with an alternative and something “different”.


Principal Gerry Breslin said “We now have an amazing library which the children love.  There are places for the children to hide and read.  We can help the children to read but learning to love reading is more difficult.  This library definitely helps.  All our children look forward to their library slot every week.”

Przemek Drusewicz had the job of sourcing materials that companies and organisations didn’t want and turning it into library furniture that was fit for purpose.  He used, amongst other things, ESB spools, crate boxes, pallets and wood from Irish Rail.  He worked closely with recreate.ie to source unwanted materials.


The school would also like to thank Kildare library for their support with advice and books over the past 4 years.

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