Oisín’s 5th Class Homework

Homework will again be divided between traditional homework and project-based work. Parents/Guardians should check this page for any updates on homework. The children will take down their homework in their diaries each night. I would appreciate it if the child’s homework diary could be signed each night after completion. If there are any queries/issues with homework please feel free to write a note in the child’s diary or send me an email : oisin.fahy@kildaretownet.ie


  • Spellings will be taken from unit 12 in MSW this week.
  • Litriú for this week: leadránach (boring), leathuair (half hour), agallamh (interview), D’fhéach mé (I looked), Féachaim (I look), Féachfaidh (I will look), ag cócaireacht (cooking), scannán (film)
  • Tables this week with be revision on Division and Multiplication 9  – Tables are in each of the students homework diaries
  • Each child will also complete handwriting each night.



Project: Women that Changed the World


Date given: Monday April 16th                                               Due date: Friday April 20th

The children will be asked to select and discuss their chosen woman/women (from the list below or one of their own choosing), discuss their life, main achievements and contributions/how they impacted society and changed the world we live in today.

This project must be presented via poster/booklet/spreadsheet (anything that can be hand-written) and must include drawings and/or pictures. Please ensure all parts of the project are bound in some way together (don’t have loose pages).

Choose from – Marie Currie, Mary Robinson, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai, Eleanor Roosevelt, Anne Frank, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Hanna Skeffington, Amelia Earhart.


Section 1: Life & Times – Due Tuesday April 17th

Discuss the life of this person via fact-file: date of birth, place of birth, occupation, family information, any particular interests, how they got involved in the work they pursued, interesting facts you found. Include a picture.

Extra: Create a report on the early life of your chosen woman/women.


Section 2: Main Achievements – Due Wednesday April 18th

Focus specifically on what their main achievements/discoveries/contributions to something monumental. Examine how they came to discover this/become involved, what/if there was a motive for what they did, how they became recognised for this achievement.

Extra: Create a personal diary entry/note/letter (from the perspective of your individual) outlining the struggles and/or help you received in your endeavour.


Section 3: Contribution to Society – Due Thursday April 19th

Focus specifically on how their achievement has contributed to the world we live in today. What has changed in our lives because of this individuals’ contribution to the world.

Extra: Write a letter to this person explaining how their achievement has helped you personally. (This can be real or fictional.)


Section 4: Fun Facts / Random Information – Due Friday April 20th

Each child should spend time reading over every section and checking for correct spelling, adding and pictures/photos to bulk up the project.