Oisín’s 5th Class Homework

Homework will again be divided between traditional homework and project-based work. Parents/Guardians should check this page for any updates on homework. The children will take down their homework in their diaries each night. I would appreciate it if the child’s homework diary could be signed each night after completion. If there are any queries/issues with homework please feel free to write a note in the child’s diary or send me an email : oisin.fahy@kildaretownet.ie


Spellings this week will be from Unit 5 – Each child has a sheet with all our spellings for the year

Litriú this week are from Seachtain 2 Siopadóireacht – Each child has a sheet with all our spelling on it

Tables this week with be revision on Division 4  – Tables are in each of the students homework diaries


Project: Mexico/Aztecs


Date given: Tuesday Nov 14th                                       Due date: Tuesday Nov 21st


The children will complete a project on Mexico and the Aztecs for this week. The project is due Tuesday November 21st. The children will be asked to draw, write and organise facts and contextualise information while drawing on their imagination and synthesising from past lessons.

This project must be presented via poster/booklet/spreadsheet (anything that can be hand-written) and must include drawings and/or pictures. Each section has a due date for the work to be completed. No more than one hour should be spent on each section each night. On the final date the project can be brought in and presented as usual.


Section 1: Geographical Map – Due Wednesday Nov 15th

Draw two maps of Mexico. One modern-day map which highlights the location of the capital/main cities, river, mountain range in Mexico. The second which highlights the Aztecs’ cities and Lake Texcoco. Students can use a legend/key to illustrate their map or alternatively label the map.


Section 2: A day in the Life – Due Thursday Nov 15th

Adopt the role of a citizen in the Aztec world during this time period. Describe yourself, your parents and what your daily life consists of (food you eat, daily chores, school-life etc)


Section 3: Spanish Invasion – Due Friday Nov 16th

Write a reflection from the point of view of Cortez during the invasion. The letter is being sent home to Spain to Cortez’ family. In the letter you must describe your first impressions of the Aztec people, the surroundings and state your intentions for the invasion.


Section 4: Fun Facts / Random Information – Due Friday Oct 13th

Any last piece of information that you would like to add to your project, whether it is funny/interesting facts about Mexico/The Aztecs or any of the main personalities specifically on the chosen topic/genre.

Each child should spend time reading over every section and checking for correct spelling, adding and pictures/photos to bulk up the project.