Michelle’s 3rd Class Homework


Week ending 9th Feb 2018: Homework available on the app.

Project to date

We are kickstarting the new year in Kildare Town ET with a Wellbeing week beginning on 21st Jan, we will engage in activities promoting healthy minds and healthy bodies. 3rd class will also begin the Food Dudes initiative on the 27th of January, you will be encouraged to try a different fruit and vegetable each day.

To build on this our project this fortnights project is based on healthy habits.

The project will be made up of four tasks, to encourage you to work on the project gradually over the two weeks, each task will be revealed one by one over the fortnight. We would ask you to work on each task as it is revealed to avoid a build-up of work.

This project will be reviewed and feedback will be shared with you.

We hope you all enjoy the project!

Task 1: Healthy living can be more fun when everyone is on board. Create a reward chart for your family which would encourage and record healthy eating and activity.

Chart details could include:  Days of the week, Family members names, Daily food goals (try a new fruit, eat all meals at the table ), Daily activity goals (eg. skip your screentime, go  for a walk), Fruit/veg records and so on.

Task 2: Suggest three healthy meals for one week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Repetition is allowed but aim to add variety to your weekly plan.

Task 3: Design a leaflet to share ways children can be active everyday, these can be activities children can do independently, with friends and with family.

Task 4: Design a poster for healthy eating/being active that can be hung up in the school.