Michelle’s 3rd Class Homework

MSW – All 11 spellings 

Irish spelling:  cóisir(party), ceol (music), cárta (card), cáca (cake)

Tables Addition +5

Project: All About Me – Due October 2nd

For homework this fortnight the children should create an All About Me project.

This project should be presented in booklet form – typed or written neatly.

It is advised that for the first couple of nights the children should discuss what they would like to include in their project and how they imagine it shall look.

After this, they should work on the following:

  • Front cover – Title e.g. “All About Ann” & a photo
  • Section 1 – My family
  • Section 2 – Where I live
  • Section 3 – My hobbies and interests
  • Section 4 – My favourites e.g. food, song, sport
  • Section 5 – Anything else that makes you unique and special!

It is important to practise reading the project aloud to a parent or guardian to prepare for presenting the project to your class.

Use lots of photographs, drawings and colour to make it extra eye catching!