Anthony’s 1st Class Homework

Homework – 11th June 2018

Invent your own Ball Game!

Work together and invent your own ball game. It can be an already existing game with a few changes, a mixture of a few games or a completely new game of your own.

Presentation can be any style (poster, booklet, video recorded on phone etc. or mixture of these) We will be demonstrating our games in school over the following weeks but if your child is more comfortable doing it at home, feel free to send in a video recorded at home.

Areas to think about are:

  • Where it is played –grass, court, indoor, rectangle pitch, circle pitch etc.
  • Rules- no hands, no feet, throwing, kicking etc.
  • Equipment- racket, net, hurl, goals, more than 1 ball, football, tennis ball etc.
  • Players per team- 1 on 1, team game.
  • How to score- in the net, in the goal, three passes, cross the line etc.
  • Give your game a name.

Project must be submitted by Friday 22nd June 2018.



Reading of graded reader approximately 5 minutes per evening.


If homework cannot be completed on time please email me, or send a note in the child’s journal, explaining why.