Jonathan’s 1st Class Homework

Homework – 22nd January 2018

Conduct two simple scientific experiments

  • One during the first week – deadline Friday 26th January
  • One during the second week – deadline Friday 2nd February 2018

Record, either written, typed or orally, the following for each experiment

  1. Question – what are you looking to investigate?
  2. Equipment – what was used for the experiment?
  3. Prediction – what do you think will happen before you do the experiment?
  4. Method – what did you do, step by step, during the experiment?
  5. Result – what happened and why did it happen?

If possible, it would be great if the experiments could be recorded and emailed to

The children should keep the resources from their experiments as they will demonstrate these to the class on the week after each submission. I will inform each child when they will be showing their experiment a day in advance.


The following website shows loads of experiments and break down the what’s, how’s and resources needed.

Feel free to undertake any experiment not listed below. Some children have Science books which they can gain inspiration from!