• Homework Survey


    Survey results – Parents

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    At the start of the September term we decided to try something new with regard to homework.

    Our aim was to give children time to learn some of the skills that they will need to take with them

    to secondary school and beyond and to explore their own creativity and interests.

    We asked for feedback from teachers, parents, guardians and children about how they found the

    new project-based homework. We were especially interested in whether this homework motivated

    the children to learn, if it was more or less stressful for children and adults and if people were

    happy with the amount of homework given.

    Survey results – teachers

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    Overall the responses were very enthusiastic about project-based homework. However there were some who were in favour of returning to regular homework. Following our surveys of staff, parents, guardians and children we have decided to divide each month between project-based and regular homework.

    Children will be given specific targets for the projects which will help them to manage their time

    and projects will be due on a Monday rather then Friday to facilitate those who wish to have two

    weekends to work on them.

    As before, children are expected to spend time reading every evening.

    Survey results – children

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