Head Lice

Please check your children’s heads regularly & help stop the spread of headlice.  Re-infection is rapid within the home, class and school unless children receive prompt treatment, are checked regularly following treatment, and re-treated as necessary.

Head lice do not reflect standards of hygiene in the home or in the school.  They are just as willing to live in clean hair as in an unclean head.
Anyone can pick up head lice, but infestation happens mostly among children who often put heads together during play allowing the lice walk form one head to the next.

Your family doctor or chemist will be able to answer any further questions that you might have concerning head lice and the available lotions and shampoos.

The video we show  to our older classes (1st – 4th class) can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a3_SZtgHYE

Here’s the HSE’s latest advice leaflet on dealing with headlice: Head Lice

Further advice available in various languages as provided by the HSE:

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