Grow from Seeds

We have had a busy and exciting year working on the Grow From Seeds Project. It is an initiative we are taking part in through Erasmus+. We are working with the Gaiety School of Acting, Plan Ireland, La Transplanisphere Theatre in Paris and Gilden Grundschule in Dortmund, Germany. All of the partners are working together to create an Intercultural Education programme to teach in our schools through drama and story. The project will continue to grow until completion in 2020 so watch this space!

Come and have a look at our display in the school!

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You can find out more information on the Grow from Seeds website http://

and from our French and German partners:

Grow from Seeds



The pupils in our school created these ideas, along with pupils in Gilden Grundschule, to design the Grow From Seeds logo:


Caroline and Séamus from The Gaiety School of Acting came to pilot the drama and story workshops with Maureen’s and Cathy’s 2nd Classes. The children really enjoyed all of the activities. Here are some photos: