Shane’s 1st Class

We were delighted to have the 6 nations and triple crown trophies visit our class.

We have been having information races in groups as we learned about the area around us in Geography.

We made our own Pharaoh collars as part of learning about Ancient Egypt.

We had a fantastic day in Lullymore Heritage Park on our school tour.

We visited a famine house and a stone age house, learning all about peoples lives at that time.

We went on a fairy hunt, then we visited the fairy village before making a wish around the wishing circle.

We visited the pet farm where we saw pigs, goats, ponies, rabbits hamsters and chickens.

We topped it off with a trip to the playground. What a super day!

We have been learning all about capacity in maths this Month. We have compared and discussed our groups water bottles to see which holds the most. Some very interesting discussions!

We love the new playground. We decided to write fact-file’s to explain how to use the different activities.

We have been learning all about the History and Geography of Australia. We learned about Aboriginal people and how they created ‘Dreamtime’ stories using symbols. We cretated our own and wrote the stories to go along with it.

We have been creating our own dramas based on Irish legends. Have a look at the video below. Can you guess the story?


In art we have been learning all about Mexico so we created our own Maracas to play.

We also had a great time creating collages in our Recreate workshop with Fiona.

1st class have been learning about money and playing the dice game to see who can reach 30c first.

We created  our own objects out of lollipop sticks and clothes pegs. We wanted to see how tall we could go or if we could hold classroom items on our creations.

1st class have had a blast preparing and performing our assembly for the whole school. It was based around equality. Click on the link below to see us perform our catchy equality rhyme.

We also performed a Stevie Wonder song that was written about Martin Luther King as his birthday was last Monday. Have a look below.

1st class’s project homework for November was all about our Grandparents. We had a variety of interviews, presentations and pictures to explain all about our Grandparents experiences in school, growing up without the internet (can you imagine) and lots more.

We then welcomed our Grandparents into our classroom for Grandparents Day. We gave them a tour of our classroom, showed them some of the work we have been doing in class and gave them a sneak preview of one of our Christmas songs.

We created these fantastic colourful Rosettes to present to our grandparents.

We have been exploring different types of movement in PE, from pencil rolls to animal walks.

We have been playing some maths games on our new interactive screen.

We have been using our Identification Wheel to identify different types of plants found in Ireland.

Our Líne Is Fearr triumph meant that we earned a trip to the playground. Have a look at some photos of us having a blast.

Shane’s 1st class have been working extremely hard this month.

We have been using our Maths skills to gather information about our class and create bar charts. We found out about our pets, favourite colours and favourite subjects.

We have been getting into the Halloween spirit by creating these Frankenstein footprints.

We have been looking at the properties of different materials in science by creating these Handprints in Art.

We have been having some number bonds to 16 races in Maths. Super teamwork on show!

Class 1B have been enjoying Athletics in PE and especially our relay races in using hula hoops and bean bags.


We have been discussing our class rules and how to be a better classmate.


We have been creating some Andy Warhol style paintings in art.