Oisín’s 5th Class


Photos of a Significant Meaning 

Last week’s project involved selecting a photo of significant importance or symbolism from any historical period or modern day feature. The children had to explain why they chose this photo, the meaning or impact it had at the given time period and what they believed happened after this photo was taken.

The photos selected by the students ranged from The Troubles in Northern Ireland, 9/11 Terrorist Attack, Man Walking on the Moon, The Black Power Movement, Simplicity in Nature and Animals in their Natural Habitat:


Castlecomer Discovery Park 2018: School Tour

5th Class recently visited Castlecomer Discovery Park on their school tour with 4th Class. We had a great day experiencing new heights ((literally) of fun and mental endurance in our team challenge games. Have a look at the video below for a sneak peak:


April & May can be a busy time with our end of year tests. 5th Class have a message for the rest of the school regarding standardised tests and what they fail to measure in a person:


Road Safety Authority Cycling Safety Course:

We have just wrapped up our cycling safety course thanks to Jason and Malcom from the RSA. The children have spent the last 10-weeks learning all about road-safety, signalling, mounting/dismounting, correct procedures when cycling towards roundabouts, experiencing busy roads or obstacles and how to deal with each given situation. These are valuable life-lessons that every child and adult should know and understand. Check out the video below for a snippet at how the workshop went for the children:

March & April in 5th Class:

The students have worked very hard on an array of different topics over the past two weeks since completing the Write a Book project in class. Here is some examples of the work they have completed including random drama scenarios, the importance of Cyber Safety and an Anti-Bullying Campaign as well as a twist on their usual poetry lessons – black out poetry – where the children took a normal news article and manipulated it to create a very different story.




Write A Book Competition

The children of 5th Class have been working tirelessly over the months of February and March to create, draft, redraft, edit and publish their own unique books. Topics range from a variety of diverse subjects including the struggles of revealing ones’ sexuality to her parents, a mysterious vanishing in Kildare, time-travelers (by accident), a case of saving a town much adored, anti-bullying,  comic relief and a factual book for those on the market for a new motor.

All of us in 5th Class are extremely proud of the commitment and determination displayed by the children during this project. Here are a few pictures of the final products and you can find the PDF version of each child’s book on their Google Classroom account.


Science Brainiacs 

Here are the children of 5th Class explaining their recent science projects they presented for Rosie and Michelle’s 3rd class. Each child independently chose, created and described their projects clearly and thoroughly. Check out the video below for examples of projects from our Science Exhibition, as well as some photos:



January Fun

5th Class were given the task of creating a stand for their basketball, relying only on limited materials; a newspaper, masking tape and a scissors. Here are some of the inventive methods we utilised. (We also had some guests visit the class).



The War to End all Wars

For the past two weeks Rang a 5 have been learning all about World War I and created fabulous projects, putting their own twist and accounts together. Below is a video the children put together explaining the breakout of WWI, descriptions of the fighting and the results of the war. Some children have also explained their projects and how they created them.



Winter in 5th Class

5th Class created some fabulous landscape paintings and constructed penguins to add to the scene and promote a winter atmosphere as we approach the end of the first term.


Carrying on from last year’s experience, 5th Class have built on their abilities and knowledge in gymnastics, while also trying out some new stretches, techniques and routines. All the lads put in a big effort and pushed themselves, while also having a bit of fun in the process. Check out the video below to see how we got on over the last few weeks:


5th Class entered the world of entrepreneurship during November. With the help of Denis from Bank of Ireland in Kildare Town, the students organised, created, managed and sold their own inventive products and ideas to 4th Class (see video below). Not only that, but 5th Class had to persuade two Dragons (Diarmuid from BOI & Gerry) to invest in their business by pitching their company, presenting their business plan and calculate their foreseen income over the next three years. We had great fun during this two-day workshop and got a real flavour for the daunting world of business. Last Saturday (Nov 25th), our class were presented with certificates and a plaque at the Kildare House Hotel.



Líne Is Fearr

5th Class won our Líne Is Fearr Competition last week, and as a reward we ventured to the local playground with Shane’s 1st Class. Here are a few shots of the fun we had:


It’s STILL Good Craic

5th Class had a bit of fun today messing around with Still-Imagery and short Dramatic Presentations to represent A Recipe for a Disastrous Day that we have studied as part of Procedural Writing in English.


Spooked Up for Halloween

Everyone made a great effort to spook one another out with some extremely creative costumes and ideas. We read our horror stories and did our very best to ensure nobody left school feeling safe and comfortable!!!!!

Society Changers

Our second project of the year, and possibly the most interesting one thus far, has been all about people who made a contribution to society and shaped our world. The children put a lot of effort in to the content and presented the information fabulously:

Shaping Up Well!

5th had a busy time during Power Hour focusing on fractions (thanks to Rachel, Christine and Anthony for their help). To unwind we experiment with tangrams, a series of seven shapes used to create shapes, puzzles and even animals, and had great fun… and a bit of frustration!!

Golden Time

This week 5th Class enjoyed some Golden Time outdoors before the wet weather sets in:


WONDERful Portraits

As we draw near to the conclusion of our first novel of the year, Wonder, the children created portraits of the main characters. Cleverly, Rang a 5 decorated the portraits with each of the character’s traits and personalities to give each portrait a unique and individual quality.


Stone Mad for Rocks!!

Our first project of the year explored everything to do with rocks! Some children created project books, posters, flip-charts and PowerPoints, some students even brought in examples of Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks. Everyone made a great effort in their projects and contributed to a fabulous display outside our room.

Getting to the Point

5th Class explored pointillism during some art lessons, a technique whereby you use dots or ‘points’ to create a picture. We used cotton-buds instead of paintbrushes and created magnificent pieces of art: