Michelle’s 3rd Class

3rd class B performed their first school assembly of the year this month. We learned about Children’s Rights and presented these to the school, we also performed a lively song ‘Tóg amach mé’ as Gaeilge.

The class were lucky enough to be invited to a workshop exploring space from an outside guest speaker.  Deirdre O Callaghan had the class enthralled with her images of Saturn and its moons from the cameras on the Cassini spacecraft and models she made herself.

We have enjoyed some fun Halloween activities in Art. We created some Halloween scratch art, the children enjoyed painting their page completely black before revealing their beautiful colours underneath through their Halloween etchings. We also put together some skeletons which we redesigned with vibrant colours and patterns like those that can be seen during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The class earned enough Maith Thú cards to enjoy a special activity. On the last day before mid-term we enjoyed making our own varities of fruit smoothies…they tasted delicious!!

The Friday test was also EXTRA SCARY!!!

3rd class B have enjoyed an active September.

We have been learning many new active maths games in class, we enjoy playing Around the world, Squirt, Sum squatting, Counting choirs, Addition Aerobics and loop games.

We have enjoyed some bright and cheery art inspired by Heather Galler, we drew landscapes focusing on lines, patterns and colour.

As part of Croí na Scoile the class discussed our families, we talked about how our families are all unique and special. We also learned about Rosh Hashanah and celebrated with the Jewish tradition of sampling apples dipped in honey.

We thought about all of the people living and working in our local community. We talked about both paid and voluntary work carried out in our surrounding community. We then painted pictures of the people and their places of work in our community.

We experienced a big eye opener in terms of hygiene when we carried out an experiment to prove that although we can’t see germs they are present on our hands. We placed two slices of bread in a bag using a glove, we handed another two slices of bread around the class with no gloves before we put them into a separate bag. The results shocked us all, after a few days the clean bread remained clean while the bread passed around with no gloves turned very mouldy. We were reminded to wash our hands..particularly before eating!!