Michelle’s 3rd Class

January 2018

Third class had a nice start to 2018, we set our goals for the year ahead which started the year positively.

In SESE we discussed how birds find it difficult to find food in winter, we carried out an experiment to show how it can be difficult for birds to find the scent of their food in cold and freezing weather conditions. We constructed bird feeders and filled them with lovely seeds for the birds. In our art lesson we painted some common Irish garden birds. (More photos to follow..)

We celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King by learning about his life and listening to a song written especially for him. We learned about the peaceful progress Martin Luther King made. We also listened to a quote from his speech about his dream to make the world a better place. From this we thought about the changes we would love to see to make the world a better place.

We have been engaging in mindful activities for our well-being week in school. We enjoyed regular brain break, chair aerobics, meditation, yoga and art. We also took a trip to the local playground


3rd class November 2017 activities

This month 3rd class were learning about the Vikings, we learned about where they came from, their lives and Viking raids and settlements in Ireland. We also looked at Viking beliefs and myths. Together we constructed a Viking Long ship display, we broke into teams and in our teams we all had parts to play in its creation, such as making the boat, the sail, the ship heads, the Vikings, the oars and shields. I think you’ll agree we did a great job together!

We had a lot of fun with Science Week 2017, we carried out some experiments in class and outdoors. We tried and tested an exploding lunch bag experiment, although one lunch bag almost exploded we did not get the ‘bang’ we had hoped for! Next we made lava lamps in a glass, we watched as the oil floated to the top of the water as oil is lighter than water. However, when we added salt it is heavier than water so it sank to the bottom and dragged the oil with it. As the salt dissolved the oil began rising to the top again, giving the lava lamp effect. We also had great fun making our own butter, this was part of our Science week and it also tied in with our procedural writing in Literacy. We shook our cream until it turned to butter and of course we sampled it afterwards on bread and toast!!

It was then up to the children to research and demonstrate their own science experiments. This was a super afternoon; we joined forces with Rosie’s class and set up a science lab in her room. Both classes began demonstrating their experiments for eachother, other classes and teachers heard about the cool science in 3rd class and popped in to check it out.


We had a lovely day on Grandparents Day, 3rd class B prepared poems and songs especially for their grandparents. The class recited ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost, and ‘The Computer swallowed Grandma’ by Valerie Waite. They performed ‘Count on me’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Óró sé do bheatha bhaile’ a version by Sinead O’ Connor. We asked our visiting grandparents some questions and we enjoyed playing card games together, Snap was a big hit among everyone! Thank you to all who visited our class.

We also created some beautiful collaborative artwork this month, we worked in groups to visualise and use our imaginations to expand a photograph which was cut in half. Each picture was a landmark in Kildare.  The finished pictures are super!

October 2017

3rd class B performed their first school assembly of the year this month. We learned about Children’s Rights and presented these to the school, we also performed a lively song ‘Tóg amach mé’ as Gaeilge.

The class were lucky enough to be invited to a workshop exploring space from an outside guest speaker.  Deirdre O Callaghan had the class enthralled with her images of Saturn and its moons from the cameras on the Cassini spacecraft and models she made herself.

We have enjoyed some fun Halloween activities in Art. We created some Halloween scratch art, the children enjoyed painting their page completely black before revealing their beautiful colours underneath through their Halloween etchings. We also put together some skeletons which we redesigned with vibrant colours and patterns like those that can be seen during the Day of the Dead celebrations.

The class earned enough Maith Thú cards to enjoy a special activity. On the last day before mid-term we enjoyed making our own varities of fruit smoothies…they tasted delicious!!

The Friday test was also EXTRA SCARY!!!

3rd class B have enjoyed an active September.

We have been learning many new active maths games in class, we enjoy playing Around the world, Squirt, Sum squatting, Counting choirs, Addition Aerobics and loop games.

We have enjoyed some bright and cheery art inspired by Heather Galler, we drew landscapes focusing on lines, patterns and colour.

As part of Croí na Scoile the class discussed our families, we talked about how our families are all unique and special. We also learned about Rosh Hashanah and celebrated with the Jewish tradition of sampling apples dipped in honey.

We thought about all of the people living and working in our local community. We talked about both paid and voluntary work carried out in our surrounding community. We then painted pictures of the people and their places of work in our community.

We experienced a big eye opener in terms of hygiene when we carried out an experiment to prove that although we can’t see germs they are present on our hands. We placed two slices of bread in a bag using a glove, we handed another two slices of bread around the class with no gloves before we put them into a separate bag. The results shocked us all, after a few days the clean bread remained clean while the bread passed around with no gloves turned very mouldy. We were reminded to wash our hands..particularly before eating!!