Maureen’s 2nd Class

 Rang a Dó News

Welcome to Maureen’s Rang a Dó news page.   We look forward to sharing all the interesting things we do together on this page!


As our school is taking part in the Grow with Seeds project this year, 2nd class were super lucky to have been visited this week by Séamus and Caroline from the Gaiety School of Acting. Fantastic fun and learning had by all.

Last week we celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge agugs bhí gach duine ar fheabhas agus bhaineamar an-taitneamh as.  We tried very hard to speak as much Gaeilge as we could!  Rinneamar  a lán gníomhaíochtaí chun Seachtain na Gaeilge a cheiliúradh. We participated in many activities throughout the week such as cluiche peile, tráth na gceist, ceolchoirm and the week  concluded with a céilí mór.

Here in second class we are trying our very best to keep up with our motto ‘Be the Best you Can Be!’ Doing your best can sometimes be just trying your hardest when something is  difficult! We are all writing full time in cursive style writing now – just in time for third class! We know we must remember that practise makes perfect.  As we have bee trying so hard to improve our handwriting we felt it was very important to recognise our efforts and now we have an handwriting award that can be won at the end each week. Last week’s winning handwriting certificate went to Tobi. Maith Thú Tobi!!

In class we have been exploring and practising writing narrative pieces of handwriting. We love to explore different genres of writing  and have been looking at ways of making sentences more interesting by adding descriptive words. Our stories are now published and having drawn their illustrations, we have displayed them on the corridor outside our room for everyone to see!

This month we have been learning all about how the greatest ship of it’s time sunk on her maiden voyage . We have been learning some very interesting facts about the Titanic. We then decided to construct our very own Titanic using cardboard, brown paper and ample sellotape – here are the results! One of us even went a little further by constructing their very own Lego Titanic Model –  looks amazing Liam , well done !!


We have been doing lots of writing this week based on the book George’s Marvellous Medicine as it is our class text this term. We have already started to read the first part of the story and we are all very excited to learn more about the characters and plot. Our writing so far has been inspired by Grandma and George. We have already wrote about the ingredients we would put in our own Marvellous Medicine and have designed posters to help us compare and contrast Grandma and George, using plenty of adjectives.

On Monday we showcased our science projects that we have been working on individually for our homework over the past fortnight . Plenty of fun was had sharing our science experiments as well as sharing the subsequent findings, discoveries!  And to name but a few of the projects submitted we learned how to make magic milk, showing that cheerios contain iron, erupting volcanoes, m & m’s rainbow and how zip lines work.


This week we had Well-Being Week and ‘Random Act of Kindness’ week integrated together which was a wonderful opportunity to focus on kindness in our classroom and throughout the school.  During the week we participated in a variety of activities encouraging us to be thoughtful and generous. We had Sandra come in on Tuesday to take us for a very calming and relaxing mindfulness session, we filled our gratitude wall to make note of all the things we are grateful for in our lives and we made lava lamps to help with our relaxation even more.


Learning about money is a lot of fun because there are so many games that we can play. We are
learning how to count coins and make change. We have set up a 2 nd class shop where we can buy
plenty of healthy snacks. The shop is helping us to practise how to tender and receive money as well
as giving the correct change.

Last week we learned about teeth – how to take care of them, we compared an adults teeth to a
child’s teeth and we also looked at the structure of a tooth. Here are a few drawings we labelled
and colored that shows the structure of a tooth.




Counties of Ireland Project

Huge big thank you to all involved at home for putting such fantastic effort into our projects for this month. We saw some really creative work and were delighted to learn all about the different counties.  We also took the opportunity to present our projects to our very friendly next door neighbours! Here are a few examples of our projects.


Winter wonderland

Winter is here and it has been behind some of our art inspiration this month. We created our own winter landscapes having observed Pablo Picassso’ s winter landscape. Here are some of our creations.

Polar Explorers

This month we looked at the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. We worked on learning about Ernest Shackelton and Tom Crean and their many expeditions to the Antarctic.



Grandparents day

Last Friday morning we were very lucky to have been visited by so many of our special grandparents.  We showed them our lovely classroom, library and performed some of our poems and songs we have learned. It really was fun and a great way of helping them to understand what we do in here everyday!



Bhí muid ag foghlaim faoin mbia agus rinneamar biachláir an seachtain seo . To help us with learning “bia” this month we created our own personal menus for our individually (and some aptly!) named “restaurants”.  We worked on ordering food through Gaeilge by setting up our own restaurant and practising the various role plays.


October and Autumn time in 2nd Class

2nd Class have been busy looking out for signs of Autumn and have collected many leaves, seeds and fruits that all the beautiful trees have been dropping around us. We discovered and explored different kinds of trees – those that are native and non-native trees to Ireland. We identified oak, ash, sycamore, horse chestnut, beech, birch, and more!

The Autumn colours have also been great inspiration for our art, where we explored pointillism as an art technique to help create our Tree images.

Autumn has also served as inspiration to help us in writing some of our Autumn Acrostic poems – acrostic poems are lots of fun to write and we enjoyed trying to use the letters of Autumn to begin each line of our poems.

Space visit

During the month of October  we were very lucky to have been visited by Ms. Deirdre Kelleghan who presented a workshop on images of Saturn and its moons through the cameras on  Cassini spacecraft. There is still time to send your name to Mars!!! on

Class Novel – This month we have been reading our class novel , The Magic Finger. We love reading all that is Roald Dahl and this particular story  has encouraged us to debate some key points on animal safety as well as inspiring us with our own writing on witch character descriptions.


Inspired by the Mexican Halloween Holiday El Dia de Los Muertos, we decided to make our own Mexican skulls. Here is just a sample of some of those scary skulls!

We created some spooky Haunted House  silhouette paintings – we began by painting in our sunset using an array of bright colors – orange, yellow, red, purple, pink and blending those colors into each other.

We also created many fantastic Halloween projects – it is clear so much time, effort and research went into these amazing projects –  just look at all the images, photos and drawings!!



And finally because we have been working so hard we earned a whopping 50 Maith Thú cards!!! We awarded ourselves with a trip to the playground. We really deserved this treat!!!


Rang a Dó have begun their literacy power hour, and are all working really hard! We have six different stations. We spend 10 minutes at each station.

We work on our comprehension, reading, writing, spelling, dictionary work and not to mention using our ipads which makes literacy learning all the more fun! We are so lucky so have Cathy, Rachel, Christine, Anthony and Máiread working with us at all the different stations!!



This month we are doing a lot of work focusing on all about me – here are just some of our wonderful self portrait art work that we put together






Reading and writing:

We have been reading all about Flat Stanley and his fun Adventures. While we learnt a lot of new vocabulary , we also shared and discussed our ideas on what we think makes a story interesting for us as readers  (characters, setting, problem, solution)

We created some very interesting “Wanted Posters”, using the “Art Thieves” in Flat Stanley as our inspiration.


We also created some very informative projects based on famous landmarks in our local area. Building our research skills is so important to us, while we were having lots of fun as researchers, artists, writers and helpers.