Jonathan’s Senior Stars

Jonathan’s Stars have been busy and having lots of fun creating their Halloween masterpieces! Check out some Halloween projects and art!


What a great month in David’s Stars!

We did science in experiments with ice.

We experimented with the plasma ball.


We had great fun beating David at the memory game!

We had big challenges where we worked as a team.

We learned how to multi-task!

We tried new tastes with ‘Food Dudes’.

We got very brave, cycling without stabilisers!

We got our hands wet with some water play. We also practised how to open and close our bottles properly. Hopefully no more school bag spills!

It was all thirsty work!







The stars from David’s room and Chloe’s room have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We love singing and dancing to our Christmas songs. We had great backing vocals with all of our SNAs too!






We have been very busy in stars this winter.

We practised looking after our clothes.

We talked about why we need helmets to be safe with our bikes.

Some of us won awards for our boxing!

We talked about the school ‘Golden Rules’.

We practised how to say ‘no’ politely (and we had great fun doing it!)

We got to make snowballs for the first time ever!

We overcame all obstacles!

But most importantly, we learned how to help people when they need it!





This October was very busy in David’s Stars.

Adam joined us for the first time! We hope he has many happy times here.

We practised our cycling skills. Thanks so much to everyone who donated the bicycles and helmets! They’re getting great use already!


We made our own Halloween masks.

We worked together to carve a pumpkin.



Some very brave people even dipped their hands in!

Our main event was the Halloween party. We invited some friends down. We tried some Halloween brack…

We played Halloween games…

And we had a really good time!














We did a lot of work this September in David’s stars.

We solved lots of problems.

We were good at taking turns during our board games.

We dressed up for fun!

We read about Fionn McCumhaill and made it into a drama.

We made some nice things.

And most importantly, everyday we practised being kind.