Anthony’s 1st Class

Pyramids of Egypt (and Mo Salah)

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been learning about Ancient Egypt and 3D shapes in Maths. We’ve learned a fair share about King Tut, cats, mummies and of course, a little about Mo Salah.

Today in Art we made our own personal pyramids with a difference – written on the inside of the walls is each child’s favourite moment or aspect of 1st class, many of them written in hieroglyphics. Even if you manage to break into these fortresses, their message will be remain a secret without the right hieroglyphics knowledge! Here are just some of the magnificent pyramids that they completed:

Six Nations!

It was a privilege and an honour to have the Six Nations Championship trophy and the Triple Crown visit our classroom on Thursday. It was amazing to have a piece of living history made before our eyes on the TV and brought right to us in the classroom!


Sports Day

To top off a very busy and very fun week, our Sports Day was a runaway success! We had relay races, potato and spoon races, water relays, Snatch the Bacon, Olympic handball, gymnastics, yoga, mindfulness and many many more activities. We even had a Teachers vs. Students soccer match that ended in a thrilling draw!

School Tour

We went to Lullymore Heritage Park for our school tour on Wednesday. The sun was splitting the rocks and the weather was smiling down on us, leaving us with hearty smiles across all our faces. Among the many things we saw and experienced were:

  • The rabbits, alpacas and pot-bellied pigs at the petting zoo
  • A famine time replica thatched house complete with a reconstruction of what it was like on the prison ship to Australia, and a Stone Age dwelling
  • A road train that brought us around the park
  • A Moon Garden and Fairy Village with fairies in abundance, and a newt for good measure!
  • A playground and an indoor adventure centre

Safe to say, we had a fantastic day, and had no trouble nodding off to sleep that night after an adventure-packed day!

World Earth Day and our African Safari

It was World Earth Day on Monday April 22nd, and we saw how important it was to take care of the world, and how we can help out everyday by reducing our waste and recycling when we can. We made some recycled paper in Art that we painted in wonderful bright colours.

We’ve learned loads about African wild animals over the past few days. We’ve written a safari trip recount for English, and even went on our own safari in the wilds of the KTETNS savannah! All the fantastic beasts were spotted, except the elusive hippo (who was found the next day by an intrepid infant!).

Not only do we know much more about the Earth, now we know how to take care of it, with our pea plants shooting up nicely!

Wright Flyers

We learned about Orville and Wilbur Wright and their first flight, their interest in engineering and their ability to invent. We got so inspired that we made our own Wright Flyers to hang outside with our Wright Brothers projects!

Australia and the Great Barrier Reef

After our Aboriginal Pointillist art and learning about life in Australia, we took a peek at what life was really like Down Under! The Great Barrier Reef hosts so many colourful creatures, take a look at some of them in our colourful and creative display.



Bhí an t-ádh orainn Dé hAoine nuair a tháining Jonathan ar chuairt lena ghiotár! Sheinneamar ár Maracas agus chanamar ‘Meicsiceo’ le Mundy.

Bhí an sneachta an-fhuar agus bhíomar ag brionglóideach faoi thíortha níos teo. Tar éis ár gceachtanna faoi Meicsiceo agus na hamhráin iontach a chanamar le linn Seachtain na Gaeilge, bhí ‘Meicsiceo’ foirfe don ár Maracas! D’athraíomar na focail beagán agus táimid an-bhródúil as! Bain taitneamh as!

Jonathan came to visit on Friday, and brought his guitar to play with us! We played the Maracas we made during Art and sang Mexico by Mundy.

The recent snow had us dreaming of hotter countries, and after learning so much about Mexico in SESE and singing some wonderful songs during Seachtain na Gaeilge, Mundy’s song was perfect for our Maracas. We changed the words a little bit and we’re very proud of it! Enjoy!


Seachtain na Gaeilge

As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge, 1st Class played Gaelic Football with 2nd Class. With skills, flicks and plenty of flair, we have some budding Gaelic Footballers in our midst!


Science Exhibition

Our Science Exhibition with Shane’s 1st Class and Maureen and Cathy’s 2nd Classes had a magnificent variety of experiments to marvel at. From erupting volcanoes, dancing raisins and flying balloons, to tumbling tornadoes and glowing lava lamps, we had plenty of amazing experiments to show 1st and 2nd Class!


First Class have won the Líne is Fearr prize for lining up quietly a couple of times recently. They voted for a trip to the playground which was great fun. Orla’s Junior Infants joined us!

Jonathan’s First Class created amazing vehicles from cardboard – an incredibly creative bunch!!


Check out our Cubism-inspired Christmas art! The children also created a forest of wonderful Christmas trees!


First Class having a ball during their Teddy Bear Picnic – well done for earning so many Maith Thú cards!!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Jonathan’s First Class have earned loads of Maith Thú cards recently so will be having a teddy bear picnic in class tomorrow (Friday 23rd November) as a reward. The children can bring in a teddy, a small treat (no nuts) and a small blanket. We will be playing music, games and having lots of fun!!

First Class created some amazing Halloween Art with paper plates.

First Class put lots of energy into their Halloween Poem!!

Learning English and Maths is so much more fun on I Pads!!

Jonathan and Shane’s First Classes, and Chloe’s Junior Stars, having great fun in the playground during our first week back!