Frances’ Senior Infants

Senior Infants had lots of fun learning all about the Supermarket during Aistear this month. We had many different stations including; small-world, role-play, free-writing and the games corner.



Senior Infants really enjoyed making their flower pots for Grandparents Day. They did a great job cutting and gluing their artwork all by themselves. It was so nice to have some of the boys and girls Grandparents come in to visit us! 🙂


In P.E this month the boys and girls have been doing Dance with Louise. Here they were learning to mirror each others moves.


In Maths, they have been busy learning all about sorting & classifying objects and representing information on different types of charts.

We had lots of fun dressing up for Halloween on the last day of term… Here’s just a few of the many spooky and super costumes that came in!

Senior Infants had lots of fun creating their very own pumpkins and finding out why they are associated with Halloween!

The class were also busy learning all about Autumn this month and enjoyed painting their Autumn Trees.

In Aistear this month we were learning all about The Weather. They sorted clothes that would be suitable to the different types of weather, recorded the changing weather and enjoyed playing the various roles at the weather station.

Senior Infants have had a great start to the year!

They are really enjoying this month’s Aistear theme on ‘The Baby Clinic’ where they have been busy taking care of babies, scheduling appointments, designing baby outfits and even constructing high chairs and changing beds out of lego!



Senior Infants have also been looking back on their baby photos… finding out how they have changed over the last few years and can identify the different stages of growing up!

In Maths, they are having lots of fun learning about colour, shape and pattern.


… and they love using our brand new Interactive Screen!


The boys and girls have also been learning about ‘invisible buckets’ and how they can help fill up someone’s bucket by showing kindness. They had lots of fun painting, decorating and cutting out their very own ones too!

Power Hour is going really well in English – the class are working hard on their reading, writing and oral language skills… a big thank you to all the staff and parents that are helping with this!