Chloe’s Junior Stars

Today in Junior Stars we read the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. In the story, Oliver finds lots of different vegetables in his Grandpa’s garden and tries them all. We used our senses to look at, touch, smell and some of us even tasted all of the different vegetables that Oliver found. Most of us liked the carrots best but Paula liked the peas!


The days are getting colder but we are having a great time in Stars learning about the seasons. We went on a leaf hunt yesterday to find leaves that had fallen from the trees. We found green, yellow, orange red and brown leaves and learnt why the leaves are all changing colour. When we got back to class we used the leaves to make ‘Leaf Men’ pictures, they look fantastic!


We have had a wonderful start to the year here in Stars. We have started learning about space and have had lots of fun with our friends at our jam party.