Chloe’s Junior Stars

It is lovely to welcome everyone back to school after what I hope was an enjoyable summer. We have been really lucky to get some lovely new furniture in Stars this year. Check out our new desks and our comfy new reading area where we are really enjoying going for our own quiet reading and for our story time at the end of the day.


It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of the school year already. It has been a successful year for all the children in Stars and I am so proud of them for all their achievements. Here are some photos of the last month in school including sports day and our school tour.


The children in Stars were so excited to come back to school after our two week break to find the amazing new play equipment out in the school yard. All the children have enjoyed playing together on the playground and are finding the swing very relaxing. The children in Stars are doing really well at playing together, joining in group games and sharing.


Yesterday the stars had great fun taking part in a little treasure hunt. The children found chocolate eggs that had been hidden around the yard. It was so lovely to watch the children helping each other to find the eggs, they were being so kind to each other and made sure that the eggs were shared out evenly between everyone.

We also enjoyed planting our sunflowers out in the geodome.

The month of February flew by in Stars. We are all developing a great enthusiasm for science and have really enjoyed taking part in experiments and learning more about how things work in the world around us. Some of us also made sock puppets and enjoyed doing some shape art.

Junior Stars also joined up with the Senior Stars to write a story together.  The story was all about a pirate and a robber! We even acted out parts of the story when we had finished writing it.


We have been settling back into school this month after enjoying our winter break. We have been catching up with our friends, taking part in some water play and learning all about Martin Luther King and road safety.


We have had so much fun in Stars throughout December. Here are some photos of us from throughout the month. Happy Christmas everyone!

re so excited to see the snow this morning that we just had to go outside and throw some snowballs!


Here in Stars the children made some beautiful flowers for Grandparents Day. They used different sized crepe paper circles and pipe cleaners to make the flowers. The children took the flowers home to give to their grandparents. Some of the children decided that they wanted to make a flower for Gerry too so we paid a special visit to his office to brighten his day with the flowers that we made.

Today in Junior Stars we read the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. In the story, Oliver finds lots of different vegetables in his Grandpa’s garden and tries them all. We used our senses to look at, touch, smell and some of us even tasted all of the different vegetables that Oliver found. Most of us liked the carrots best but Paula liked the peas!


The days are getting colder but we are having a great time in Stars learning about the seasons. We went on a leaf hunt yesterday to find leaves that had fallen from the trees. We found green, yellow, orange red and brown leaves and learnt why the leaves are all changing colour. When we got back to class we used the leaves to make ‘Leaf Men’ pictures, they look fantastic!


We have had a wonderful start to the year here in Stars. We have started learning about space and have had lots of fun with our friends at our jam party.