Andrew’s 4th Class

Grandparents Day:

Grandparents Day took place on November 24th. The fourth class children were delighted to be tour guides for the day and it was fantastic to see how pleasant and enthusiastic the children were when showing their grandparents around. Fourth class also created a display outside our classroom for their latest projects.


Lava Lamps:

The children had great fun making some homemade lava lamps as a science experiment recently. The class had great fun during this experiment with some fantastic results.





Counties of Ireland Project:

For our second project he children were each assigned a county of Ireland that they had to research and then create a poster. Again everyone put in a great effort and some wonderful projects were brought in. Here are a few examples.


We have been having some fun with paint and colour recently, the children painted some wonderful autumn sunsets during art time.





Fourth class have been visiting the school’s fantastic library each week. The children realise how lucky we are to have such an amazing library and really enjoy the weekly visit !







Local History Project:

Fourth class completed their first project of the year last week. It was based on local history in county Kildare. As you can see, the children put a lot of time and effort into their projects. PowerPoint presentations, posters and booklets were all uniquely created. We had great fun in class this week as the children presented their projects to the rest of their classmates.



Fourth class held their elections for student council in September. After some excellent speeches and a very close election, Lily Pender won by a single vote. Lily will be our class representative on the Student Council this year.



Fourth class have also been working on pointillism this month. Here are some of their masterpieces.