Aisling’s Junior Infants


We had a great surprise when the Triple Crown and Six Nations trophies visited our school!

Junior Infants really enjoyed their school tour trip to ‘Imaginosity’ in Dublin. There were so many areas to play in, dress up, build and create- it was amazing!




We were so happy when the sun FINALLY came out and we were able to have a picnic outside with Orla’s class!

We are so lucky to have an amazing new playground in our school!!! We loved visiting it and had loads of fun!

In Aistear this month, we are at the supermarket! We have been acting as cashiers and customers, building our own supermarkets and taking turns playing a shopping list game.

We are also learning about money in maths…which we also need in the supermarket! We have been sorting lots of coins, making certain amounts for our piggy banks and doing coin rubbings too.

We loved reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. We sequenced the story by putting pictures from the book in order. We also learned about the life-cycle of a butterfly!

Easter Egg Hunt!

We had the best time hunting for Easter eggs with Orla’s class on our last day before the holidays!



On Wednesday the 21st, we had our science exhibition! We visited Orla and Hannah’s classes and they came to visit us too. We saw lots of great experiments and we showed our visitors the work we have been doing with magnets, static electricity, growing plants and coding Bee-bots. It was so much fun!

We learned how to use Bee-bots using simple coding. We can enter a code in to tell the Bee-bot to move forwards, backwards, right and left. We made mazes for the Bee-bots to travel through as well!

We have been having great fun at ‘The Restaurant’ for Aistear this month. We are making meals with playdoh, acting as waiters, chefs and customers and building our very own restaurants too.

Tommy and the class were reading ‘The Gruffalo’ and one day…the book was stolen!!! After break, we found a letter in our classroom from the SNAKE saying he had taken the book! The class followed a map and had to jump and crawl over and through and around many obstacles. Finally, the book was found outside in the Geodome! We were so glad we sound it again and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we found out that the snake was actually in our school!!! We asked him why he stole the book but he just said “Sssssssssssssssssss!” and slithered away. Maybe he just wanted to meet us and we really enjoyed seeing him!


We loved having Tommy teaching us for a few weeks, it was so much fun! We did lots of painting and learned how magnets attract metals. We were also at the doctor’s office for Aistear and we learned how to make an appointment, visit the nurse and the doctor and how to help people when they are feeling sick.

We were also lucky enough to have Megan come in to our class and do a STEM lesson with us. The bears wanted to get to school but they needed us to build bridges for them so that they could cross the river!


We have been so lucky to have Tommy teaching us for a few weeks this month. We planted seeds and are watering them and watching them grow everyday! We made beautiful prints and we have been at the doctor’s office for Aistear. We are also doing Power Hour for a few weeks. We love getting new readers and using numicon for maths!


December was such an exciting month! We did an incredible job at our Winter Concert, we got to play outside in the snow, we learned all about winter and Arctic animals and….SANTA came to visit us!!


For the month of December, we went to the hairdressers for Aistear! It was so much fun working at reception, being a stylist or getting our hair done as a customer. We also love our construction area, using stencils for drawing and playing in the small world area.


Grandparents Day on Friday, November 24th was brilliant! We loved having some of our grandparents visit our class and see some of the work we having been doing. We sang some songs and said some poems for them. We even asked them some questions about when they were our age! Thank you very much to all the grandparents who made it in 🙂

Bhíomar ag foghlaim faoin mbia an seachtain seo caite. Chuireamar bia éagsúla sa bhosca lóin! We were learning about food in Gaeilge last week. We put different foods into lunch boxes!

We love learning new sounds using our fantastic interactive screen!

We learned how to mix coloured paints with black and white to make new colours! We created beautiful painting using just one colour, black and white.

We earned 10 ‘Maith thú’ cards for being so brilliant, and we decided that our reward would be to have a picnic! Unfortunately, the weather has been too wet and cold to eat outside, so we got some blankets and had our picnic in our classroom!


Happy Halloween everyone! Our costumes were amazing!

We enjoyed our first trip to the playground, it was so great! We won the trip as a prize for having the best line on yard at break times! We were so good at walking safely to and from the playground and we had so much fun!

We talked lots about the different types of jobs people have in our school and in our community. Then we talked about what we would like to be when we grow up!

We can really see all of the changes that Autumn brings and we have been bringing lots of beautiful items in for our nature table. On Thursday, 5th October we went on a nature walk around the school for National Tree Day! We were looking at different types of trees, the colours of leaves, berries and acorns. We made leaf rubbings of the leaves we collected on the trail.


Our walk inspired us to make some Autumn creations of our own- look at us fingerprinting some colourful Autumn leaves!

We really enjoy practising matching and sorting in our maths stations. We play maths games, sort items by size and colour and we even got to use iPads to play matching and sorting games.

We love learning our new sounds! In our phonics stations we do rainbow colouring, make our sound with playdoh, practise our sounds on mini whiteboards and practise the sounds we already know on the iPads.

Look at us using instruments, it was so much fun!

We worked in pairs to sequence the story of the Gruffalo, one of our favourite stories!

We really enjoy our movement breaks during the day and we are great at sharing our toys during golden time on Fridays.

We learned about the changes that happen from when we are babies, to toddlers, to children. We sorted different things we used as babies and things we use now as children. We brought in photos of ourselves and made our own timelines- we loved looking at each other’s baby photos!



We have been having so much fun in Junior Infants over the last two weeks! We have been touring around the school and visiting classes, learning our new sounds, matching in maths and having lots of play time.

In Aistear, our theme for this month is ‘Homes’. We are loving the roleplay, construction, arts & crafts and small world areas!

We have also been practising our fine-motor skills using playdoh, threading beads, cutting and using pegboards. We are brilliant!