Cathy’s 2nd Class Homework


Week commencing 22/01/2018


  • Children will have their homework taken down in their journal – we ask that homework is completed every night and signed by a parent / guardian.
  • Children will be given two readers per week at the beginning of the week. We ask that 10 mins is spent on reading each day
  • Details for this fortnight’s project are laid out below. Due Date Monday 04th February


  1. MSW pg 34:
  • told
  • older
  1. B na C PG 131
  • An bhfuil bord sa chistin
  • Níl sorn sa chistin
  1. Readers
  2. -11 times tables
  3. Project



  1. MSW pg 34:
  • folder
  • golden
  1. B na C pg 131
  • An bhfuil cófra sa chistin?
  • Níl cófra sa chistin
  1. Readers
  2. -11 times tables
  3. project



  1. MSW pg 34:
  • scold
  • coldest
  1. B na C PG 132
  • orm
  • ort


  1. -11 times tables
  2. project



  1. MSW pg 34:
  • boldest
  • goldfish
  • kindest
  1. B na C PG 132
  • air
  • uirthi


4.-11 times tables



Dear Parents and Guardians,

As homework for the next fortnight children are asked to write up a science experiment (SESE copies) and complete it at home. Furthermore, we are going to hold a science exhibition for both 2nd Classes on Monday 5th February and we would like to see each child attempt their experiment and talk us through how it works (the science behind it) on the day. We know we have a very scientific bunch and cannot wait to see what they come up with. We will include some links to suitable experiments but we would love to see some that the children decide on themselves too. If the children wish to design some models or resources to help support their experiment we would be delighted. Best of luck to all!

Cathy and Maureen xperiment-2086765