Anthony’s 5th Class Homework

                                                           Project: Write-A-Book

Date given: Monday Feb 4th                                                  Due date: Friday Feb 8th  

This project must be presented via the designated Write-A-Book copy and/or typed A4 sheets.

Please note that while hand-writing the final, submitted draft of the Write-A-Book project is not compulsory, there are extra marks given for cursive handwriting. As this week’s project is to complete our first draft, it is up to you how you wish to present it.

Drawings are not mandatory, but they are advised as they will aid with the drafting of the story.

No more than 1 hour each night.

Section 1: Storyboard & Chapter 1 – Introduction– Due Tuesday 5th

Complete a storyboard with 5 bullet points for each chapter briefly outlining the events that occur.  See template below. Chapters should be kept to approximately 4-6.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Draft the first chapter of the story, paying special attention to the characters and settings and the way they are introduced and describe these in detail.

Imagine you are creating a movie in the reader’s mind – use three adjectives to describe all important people and details. Remember that we wish to show, not tell the reader our story.

Extra: Use a Spider’s Web to brainstorm 10-15 interesting points about at least three of your characters

Section 2: Chapter 2 – Due Wednesday 6th

Draft chapter two. Having introduced the people and place, you are now approaching your complication. Take your time in introducing this: you want to create tension in the story and have your reader wondering what is coming next. Draw it out.

If you are unsure whether to put something into your story, put it in. You can always take it out later. Write with fire, edit with ice.

Extra: Writer’s don’t just use sight and sound; many describe a story using all the senses. Include descriptions for the eyes, ears, nose, touch and taste.

Section 3: Chapter 3/4 – Due Thursday 7th

Draft the third/third and fourth chapter(s). You have come to the complication, and the exciting part of the story. Create as much action as possible, with plenty of verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

This is the main part of your story, so use an extra chapter if you wish. This extra chapter can be left until tomorrow night’s homework. Plan out how the action and plot twists happen.

Read back over your draft when you’re done and make sure there are no tired words i.e. said, walked, ran.

Extra: Use a different tired word replacement each time. Use a dictionary to help you if necessary.

Section 4: Chapter 4/5 – Due Friday 8th

Draft the second last chapter of your story (we will write the final chapter in class Friday and Monday).

Either the climax of the story is coming to a close, and the dust will be settling on the most intense parts; or this chapter is a continuation of the climax – it is up to you.

Focus on your character’s emotions in this chapter. How do they feel after the action? Are they upset/thrilled/relieved? Put yourself in their shoes – how would you feel?

Extra: Include their emotions at the start, during and end of the chapter. Show the reader how the action has changed the character(s).


Each child should spend time reading over every section and checking for correct spelling, adding and pictures/photos to bulk up the project.


N.B. Spellings, tables, Léigh sa Bhaile and Mental Maths to be done each night


If any child is having difficulties, please email me as soon as possible so we can come to a solution. Homework should be done daily (60 minutes) to make it manageable for everyone.