Andrew’s 4th Class Homework

As discussed at the curriculum meeting, we will be engaging in projects as well as alternating between traditional homework from the workbooks. They will vary between one-week and two-week periods where all guidelines will be specifically mapped out in advance.The children will be encouraged to take their time throughout the projects. We don’t want the children to become stressed or feel under pressure, it should be an enjoyable and personal experience. The children will be given choices on methods for presentation/research. If any issues should arise I ask you to get in contact with me.I will be asking the children to cover spellings in English and Gaeilge each night. Tables will be taught in school and at home.Each Friday there will be a tables and spellings test. Each fortnight or after we complete two/three topics there will be a Maths test so as to gauge conceptual understanding.Homework should take no more than 45mins as per the NCCA guidelines (again, if there are any issues in any area don’t hesitate to contact me)


Project: Counties of Ireland


Date given: Tuesday 9th October  Due date: Tuesday 16th October

We had our live draw this week in school and each child has been assigned a county of Ireland for their next project. Again, the children can complete this project via poster / booklet format, or a PowerPoint presentation. The project is due next Tuesday, October 16th,  and the sections are as follows;

Section 1

Describe any physical features which can be found in your county, e.g. mountains, rivers, lakes etc.

Section 2: 

Section 2: Famous people from your county, e.g. musicians, sports stars, actors / actresses, politicians

Section 3: 

Sporting achievements or historical events.

Section 4: 

Towns and cities, what towns and cities are in your county? Can you tell us any interesting facts about your county?

Section 5: 

Draw a map of your county, including any major physical features , and towns and cities.

Section 6: Additional section

Any last piece of information that you would like to add to your project, whether it is funny/interesting facts about the historical site

Each child should spend time reading over every section and checking for correct spelling, adding and pictures/photos to bulk up the project.