Andrew’s 4th Class Homework

As discussed at the curriculum meeting, we will be engaging in projects as well as alternating between traditional homework from the workbooks. They will vary between one-week and two-week periods where all guidelines will be specifically mapped out in advance.The children will be encouraged to take their time throughout the projects. We don’t want the children to become stressed or feel under pressure, it should be an enjoyable and personal experience. The children will be given choices on methods for presentation/research. If any issues should arise I ask you to get in contact with me.I will be asking the children to cover spellings in English and Gaeilge each night. Tables will be taught in school and at home.Each Friday there will be a tables and spellings test. Each fortnight or after we complete two/three topics there will be a Maths test so as to gauge conceptual understanding.Homework should take no more than 45mins as per the NCCA guidelines (again, if there are any issues in any area don’t hesitate to contact me)


Project: Countries of the World



Date given: Tuesday, January 29th                   Due date: Wednesday February 6th

This project can be presented any way the student desires: poster, a booklet, PowerPoint etc. Each section has a due date for the work to be completed. On the final date the project can be brought in and presented as usual.

Section 1: Due Wednesday January 30th

General Facts: Collect and arrange all the basic/general information of your country: Population, Capital City, Major Cities, Flag, Physical land features (mountain range, rivers, lakes etc.), Language, Food, Religion, Culture, Sport, Fun facts etc.

Section 2: Due Thursday January 31st

History: Write a brief summary of the history of the country e.g. if the country gained independence, when did it happen and how? If your country was colonised by another country, if your country was joined with another country previously.

Section 3: Due Friday February 1st

Create a brochure/advertisement/video ad enticing tourists to visit this country. Demonstrate all the fun and interesting aspects of the country and promote how great it is so people will want to visit.

Section 4: Due Tuesday February 5th

Person of Interest: Create a short profile on a significant person of interest with your country. This can be a famous sports-star/singer/actor/historical figure. Be creative!!

Due Wednesday February 6th

Extra: Draw a map outline of the country and label each of the physical land features and their location, and include a sentence or phrase using your country’s native language in your project.