Andrew’s 4th Class Homework

As discussed at the curriculum meeting, we will be engaging in projects as well as alternating between traditional homework from the workbooks. They will vary between one-week and two-week periods where all guidelines will be specifically mapped out in advance.The children will be encouraged to take their time throughout the projects. We don’t want the children to become stressed or feel under pressure, it should be an enjoyable and personal experience. The children will be given choices on methods for presentation/research. If any issues should arise I ask you to get in contact with me.I will be asking the children to cover spellings in English and Gaeilge each night. Tables will be taught in school and at home.Each Friday there will be a tables and spellings test. Each fortnight or after we complete two/three topics there will be a Maths test so as to gauge conceptual understanding.Homework should take no more than 45mins as per the NCCA guidelines (again, if there are any issues in any area don’t hesitate to contact me).



Grandparents Day Project: (October 14th – 22nd)


This week’s project will be based on the children’s grandparents/parent/family friend or relative as ‘Grandparents Day’ is on November 24th.

The project can be brought done as a poster, a booklet or a PowerPoint presentation. Once the children have decided who they will base their project on, they will then have to decide on 10 interview questions.

Once the children have decided on their questions, they will need to interview their grandparent/parent/relative or family friend and complete a section of the project on each question; e.g. – A section based on his/her old school, a section on special childhood memories.

Each night the children should complete two sections of their project, and include drawings, pictures or copies of old photographs. The project is due in school no later than Wednesday November 22nd.


Examples of interview questions and sections for each project :

  • When and where were you born?
  • Did you have many brothers and sisters? What job did your Mum and Dad have?
  • What schools did you attend?
  • Have you any special memories from school?
  • Do you know why your parents choose your name for you? Has it a special meaning?
  • What kinds of things did you and your family do to pass the time when you were young?
  • When and where did you get married?
  • Who did you work for and what did you do?
  • Do you remember nay holidays or trips very well?
  • What personal experiences have especially touched your heart?
  • What are your hopes for your children/grandchildren?