Andrew’s 4th Class Homework

As discussed at the curriculum meeting, we will be engaging in projects as well as alternating between traditional homework from the workbooks. They will vary between one-week and two-week periods where all guidelines will be specifically mapped out in advance.The children will be encouraged to take their time throughout the projects. We don’t want the children to become stressed or feel under pressure, it should be an enjoyable and personal experience. The children will be given choices on methods for presentation/research. If any issues should arise I ask you to get in contact with me.I will be asking the children to cover spellings in English and Gaeilge each night. Tables will be taught in school and at home.Each Friday there will be a tables and spellings test. Each fortnight or after we complete two/three topics there will be a Maths test so as to gauge conceptual understanding.Homework should take no more than 45mins as per the NCCA guidelines (again, if there are any issues in any area don’t hesitate to contact me)


Project: Animals in their Environment


The children will complete a project on animals adapting to their environments this week. The project is due next Tuesday, the 7th May. The children will be asked to select an environment, an animal in that environment and one adaptation that animal has in order to thrive in their environment. Therefore this project consists of three subsections and the children have already completed a similar task in class so they have some prior experience engaging in a task like this.


Children can choose any environment, such as the desert, the grassland, mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes or the Arctic. They then choose their animal which can be a penguin, a camel, a fox, a squirrel, a fish or any animal of their choosing. They then discuss their animals adaptation.

An example of a project would be choosing the Arctic and the penguin. The project would consist of a section with information on the Arctic such as temperatures, what is seen there, what animals live there etc. The second section would have any information about the penguin such as migration habits, what it eats, its life span etc.

The third section would have details about an adaptation of a penguin to its environment such as its pointed beak that helps it to catch fish more easily in the water.


This project can be presented by any means the child wishes. Each section has a due date for the work to be completed. The child should spend no more than 40 minutes per night on the project. The project can be brought in and presented on the Friday or the following Monday.
Please not that any video projects should be no more than 5 minutes long.


Section 1: Choose the environment (Monday)
Choose the environment that the project will cover. Research details on the environment such as what you’d see there, what animals live there and why and what kind of weather is needed to support this environment.


Section 2: Choose the animal (Tuesday)
Choose the animal that the project will cover. Research information on the animal such as what it eats, what it looks like, its lifespan and any other interesting information about the animal. Keep in mind that the animal chosen should have an adaptation that is easily explained in the next section.


Section 3: What is the adaptation (Wednesday)
The animal chosen in section two should have an adaptation to its environment that can be explained simply.


Thursday: Add pictures or illustrations to the the project. Get the project ready for presentation.