Numeracy SSE – School Self Evaluation

In the coming year we have decided to concentrate on problem solving in maths for the whole school.  The following two documents outline our rationale behind doing so and how we will do it.

We have no doubt that with the extra focus on problem solving the children will make great progress and meet the targets set down in the School Improvement Plan.

Please come in and see me or Christine if you have any questions.


School Improvement Plan

Numeracy School Self Evaluation Report


The whole school problem solving strategy being used is RUCSAC.

Read the question carefully.

Make sure you Understand the question.

Choose the correct method.

Solve the problem.

Answer the question.

Check your answers.


Problem of the Week (June 4th – 7th) 

This weeks problem is a riddle.

Children from First Class to Sixth Class may submit one answer in class on an answer slip. The answer will be revealed Friday. Have fun!

Solution to last weeks problem – 25